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Our History
A.K.Microsystems has been developing software upgrades for bowling scoring systems since 1986. Our aim is to help centers get the maximum value and life from their existing scoring system.

We have a long history of replacing front desk systems with modern equipment, starting with our early Unix and DOS based Lane Control System, through to our involvement in Purrfect Score’s Purrfect Desk, and culminating in our current Touch Desk. Over 600 centers in over 20 countries have benefited from our products. Our experience in interfacing to a wide variety of legacy scoring systems over many years is arguably second to none.
Our scoring system upgrades have also been evolving over many years, from our early Magicscore replacement, through to Touch Score 2 and now Touch Score 3.
Touch Desk and Touch Score now provide not only a truly revolutionary upgrade for legacy systems, but also a compelling solution for completely new installations.
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A.K.Microsystems International Pty Ltd
Our Goals
  • To provide high quality, reliable, easy to use software based products.
  • To provide a high standard of free customer service, and to respond to requests in a timely manner.
  • To constantly strive to improve our products with free updates, and to seek our customers’ input in this process.
  • To make maximum use of the center’s existing equipment, replacing only where necessary. This minimizes up-front costs.
  • To make maximum use of readily available off-the-shelf equipment, using proprietary parts only where necessary. This minimizes both up-front and on-going maintenance costs
  • To provide highly flexible solutions with maximum interconnection possibilities.
  • To work with other service providers to  integrate their products with ours to provide the customer with more solutions and options.
  • To apply the highest ethical standards to all that we do.

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