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We are constantly improving Touch Desk and Touch Score by adding new features and responding to requests from our customers.


These updates are available free of charge to all registered Touch Desk users.

Regardless of how long ago you purchased your system, you can have the latest version for free! (*see note below)


For new installations, or for a complete re-install, please contact your supplier.

Your supplier may also be able to supply newer updates than are posted here.

Touch Desk (includes Touch Score and Digital Signage)
V3.19.19 March 2021

Note! Before installing this update, make sure you have backed up your database and have your current Touch Desk setup file available in case there are problems downloading or installing the update. See the manual for more information. If in any doubt, contact your supplier for assistance before commencing.

*Free updates can add performance enhancements, new features, bug fixes and minor additional functionality. Where major new functionality has been added, this may be disabled in the free update and require an additional payment to enable.

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