XL/Boss Chassis Replacement
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Rather than constantly repairing your old XL or Boss scoring computers, why not just replace them with a new Windows computer?

Our  Touch Score software allows you to use a new Windows computer to replace your old (and getting older!) XL or BOSS scoring chassis.

A USB adapter (shown at right) connects the new computer with your existing back end equipment such as the pin camera, machine interface box and pinspotters.

The advantages ?

  • No more costly chassis repairs.
  • Better higher quality display with direct connection to high quality HDMI TVs without converters. Or just keep the existing VGA TVs.
  • Upgradeable with the new Touch Score bowler consoles. Or just keep the existing keypads.
  • Upgradeable with new machine interface equipment in most cases. Upgrade just a few lanes to free up enough spares to keep the rest going for longer.
  • All the added features of Touch Score
  • Replace just one or more pairs, or the whole center.

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Note - Touch Desk is required. Other management systems need to be upgraded to Touch Desk prior to installing Touch Score.
Similar upgrades are available for other legacy scoring systems.

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