Card Payment Integration
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Is your center ready for the revolution in Credit Card processing?

For many years credit cards have used simple magnetic stripe technology. Many POS systems had a basic swipe reader attached to the keyboard or screen. But the move to smart cards and the implementation of new security standards has made these systems obsolete. The new cards contain a smart chip and may require the customer to enter a pin, rather than sign. Best practice will require that the card never leaves the customer’s hand.

Touch Desk is ready for the revolution, with a customer facing PIN pad that also doubles as a credit and debit card terminal. It accepts conventional magnetic stripe cards as well as EMV smart cards, and optionally includes an EMV  contactless card reader.

The new standards also mean that merchants may be held responsible for the security of their systems. Touch Desk protects the merchant by using an out-of-scope integration technique, so that sensitive card information  never enters Touch Desk. This means that Touch Desk, and the computer network it runs on, need never be part of your compliance responsibilities. The terminal itself and our payment processing partners are, of course, fully compliant.

Many other POS systems are not out-of-scope, and therefore do need to be PCI-PDSS compliant. But merchants should be aware that simply using compliant software does not relieve them of their responsibilities, and having the card payment system integrated into their POS in this way will most likely increase their compliance costs.

Despite being out-of-scope, Touch Desk provides all the important features of these other systems including being able to initiate transactions from Touch Desk without using the terminal keypad, automatic acceptance or rejection of transactions, integrated reports, and integrated customer receipts that include line items for card sales.

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 * Card Payment Integration only available in the US at this time.

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