Touch Desk
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About Touch Desk

Touch Desk is our third generation management system, following on from the success of our early Lane Control System, and our contribution to Purrfect Score’s Purrfect Desk.

It is a multi-terminal center management system, providing integrated Lane Control, Table Control, Point of Sale and more for all areas of a center.

It is simple and easy to use, yet provides powerful tools to maintain and grow your business.

Touch Desk is NOT just an add-on for an existing Advantage or Command Network system. It totally replaces both the front desk and the back office, and is even suited to centers that currently don’t have any front desk or back office.

Below is a brief description of Touch Desk. For more detailed information, please download our trial version.

Key Features

  • Lane Control for AMF Magicscore, Accuscore 1,2 and Plus, XL and Boss, and Brunswick AS80/90/90C and Frameworx.
  • Scoring upgrade also available with Touch Score.
  • Supports 5 Pin, Candlepin and Duckpin as well as 10 Pin.
  • Compatible with CDE’s BLS and BTM for leagues and tournaments.
  • Multi-terminal Point of Sale for bowl, cafe, bar and other areas, with integrated credit and debit card payments.
  • Table management system for cafe or restaurant.
  • Order management system for cafe or restaurant
  • Locker management.
  • Reservation system for lanes and tables
  • Detailed income reports, including bowling statistics such as average game price, income per game, lineage, accounted percentages etc.
  • Compatible with Quickbooks for complete center accounting.
  • Customer database.
  • Integrated digital signage for display of lane assignments for league, tournaments and waiting lists, and more, with built in advertising.
  • Tablet option - take orders, payments, control lanes from anywhere.

Lane Control

  • Simple check-in and check-out with just a few clicks.
  • Automatically enters default names and brings up arrows ready to bowl.
  • Charge all bowling to the lane, or charge each bowler separately, or a combination of these.
  • Supports mixed rates for each bowler.
  • Track bowling by frames bowled or time on lane with automatic shutoff.
  • Full control of all scoring features including colours, messages, graphics, bowling settings and options.
  • Customizable bowling “styles” to apply complex lane settings with a single click.
  • Compatible with CDE’s BLS and BTM programs for automatic league and tournament management.
  • Print score sheets by game or bowler, with custom background logo.
  • Search for past score sheets, including recaps of events.
  • Automatic check in of leagues and bookings, including waiting list customers.
  • Automatic check out of prepaid bowling or fixed game bowling such as leagues.
  • Check in a lane before the previous customer has presented at the desk to pay, for fast lane turn around.
  • Transfer customer tabs from lanes to tables or bar, and vice versa.
  • View live scores on-line with lanetalk.
  • Bowlers can analyze their performance on their mobile device or PC with lanetalk.
  • Powerful event interface allows an external program to create events (leagues or tournaments) consisting of teams and bowlers which are automatically loaded onto the lanes. The external program could be as simple as an Excel spreadsheet, or as complex as a full league & tournament processing suite. Once bowling is complete the scores can be exported to the external program for processing.
Main Lane Info Screen

Point Of Sale

  • Flexible POS for use in bowl, cafe, bar, proshop etc.
  • Credit and Debit Card integration. Click here for details
  • Fully customizable layout of items.
  • Multiple Pricing Periods (e.g. Midweek Bowling, Bar Happy Hour)
  • Multiple Pricing Levels (e.g. Staff Discount, Corporate Rate)
  • “Combos” allow multiple items to be sold as one, yet attribute income to separate departments (e.g. Game, Shoe, Fries and a Drink)
  • Track customer tabs. The customer can move between areas (eg bowl and cafe) with the one tab.
  • Sell items from one area in any other area.(e.g sell a meal item from the bowl, and have an the order sent to the kitchen)
  • Split a bill between multiple customers, or combine bills into one.
  • Support for trust funds such as league prize funds and customer deposits.
  • Daily income can be exported to Quickbooks as simple subtotals, or detailed item by item totals, or any combination of these.
  • Interfaces to Berg Liquor Dispensing System.
  • Lane and Table window for fast check-in and check-out.
  • Sales tracked by customer for loyalty programs. Scan customer’s loyalty card for quick identification.
  • Tip Management to assign tips to each staff member.
  • Stock control of items and ingredients for true tracking of cost of sales.
  • Customer facing screen to show items as they are rung up, including item images. Can show advertising (digital signage) when not in use.
Point of Sale

Table Control

  • Define tables in multiple areas - cafe, bar, etc.
  • Keep track of customer tabs by assigning them to a table.
  • Keep multiple tabs and customers per table.
  • Move a party from the lanes to a table or vice versa, taking multiple tabs with them.
  • Combine or split multiple tabs at checkout.
  • Take bookings for tables using the booking sheet.
  • Tables can also be used for anything that a customer can occupy, such as pool tables, mini bowling etc.
  • Track time spent on a table, show time remaining or overdue.
  • Customized table layout can mimic the actual plan of the room, making it easy to identify tables even without using numbers..

Order Management

  • Order management for food, drink , pro-shop orders etc.
  • Track status of orders (New, Processing, Ready, Collected)
  • Orders automatically generated at POS or remote order terminals.
  • Slave order screen for displaying orders in kitchen or food preparation areas, or collection areas for waitress staff.
  • “Order Ready” messages automatically sent to the lanes where the customer is bowling.
  • “Order Ready” messages displayed anywhere in the center via the digital signage package.
  • Delayed Order feature so food and drinks can be pre-ordered to arrive later during  the game. Ideal for combo packages sold at check in.
  • Take bar orders remotely then automatically control dispensing at the bar with a Berg Liquor Dispensing control system.


  • Booking sheet for lanes and tables.
  • Move bookings around by dragging and dropping to maximize lane or table usage.
  • Graphically shows the estimated finishing time for each lane based on the current rate of play.
  • Bookings can be set to automatically check-in  as soon as the lane or table is available. Custom lane settings and bowler names can be setup in advance.
  • CDE Leagues and Tournaments automatically appear on the booking sheet, and the lanes automatically check in with the correct lane options and line ups. Line ups can also be adjusted from the Booking screen prior to check in, or from the Lanes screen after check-in.
  • Bookings without an assigned lane or table are held in a wait-list, and can be checked in by dragging to a lane or table.
  • Booking Lists show late bookings, and customers on the waiting list.
  • Customized booking types can be used for forward planning. For example: set up a “Birthday Party” type, then use the booking report to show all birthday parties for the coming week.
Bookings Sheet


  • Customizable reports, based on a number of preset report types.
  • Detailed income reports over any period. Filter by day, shift or area to track trends.
  • Sales can be grouped into multi-level subcategories.
  • Bowling statistics including income per game, lineage, etc.
  • Customer contact list grouped by customizable customer types and searches.
  • Customer statements and debtor reports for account customers.
  • League attendance reports.
  • Trust Fund statements.
  • Stock reports showing bought, sold, on-hand and re-order quantity.
  • Pricing lists showing the actual cost of each pricing period and level.
  • Search for transactions, summarize groups of transactions.
  • Sales by operator.
  • Employee Time Sheets.
  • Group regular reports into a single customized batch report and run as one report with a single click. (e.g. “All Weekly Reports”)
  • Export the data from any report for use by other programs.
  • Consolidate reports and pricing control across multiple centers.
Setting up a report

Sample Income Report

Digital Signage

  • Runs on multiple computers located anywhere in the center.
  • Each computer supports 4 screens, which can be set as separate displays, or combined into one large display.
  • Automatically generates information displays which can be full screen, or a rotating single line at the bottom of the screen.
  • Advertising slide show can be displayed full screen, or in a window within the information screens, or can alternate with the information screens.
  • Slide show includes many transition effects, and can include still images, movies and web content.
  • Automatic context switching as content becomes available. For example, show advertising full screen when no lane assignments are waiting, then switch to advertising in a window when there are lane assignments waiting.
  • Customizable background image, which would normally include the center’s logo.
  • All content centrally controlled by Touch Desk.
  • Content can be set to change with time of day, or day of week.
  • Each screen can be individually programmed.
  • Many formatting options including text sizing, number of columns, window sizing, colors and backgrounds.
  • Display can be full screen or sized to a window, to allow other programs or TV to share the same screen.
  • Background can be transparent, so that the signage display is overlayed on another program or wallpaper.
  • Output can be displayed on the overheads or lower touch screens with Touch Score, or on legacy scoring systems with the use of a suitable video distribution system, or on any other computer anywhere in the center.
Sample signage screen

Automatically displays the following information -

  • CDE league and tournament lane assignments.
  • CDE standing sheets.
  • Recap sheets for any event.
  • Current game results
  • Live Scores
  • Waiting list lane assignments.
  • Group booking lane assignments.
  • High scores by groups.
  • Leader boards.
  • Current orders, for display in work areas such as kitchen or bar.
  • Order Ready messages for customer to collect their food & drink order.
  • Price List that automatically changes to reflect the current pricing period.
  • General text messages.

Light Show Creator

  • Creates custom light shows for use as exciters or background lighting by Touch Score.
  • Controls lane lighting in multiple areas including Overheads lights, Capping lights and Pin Deck lights.
  • Supports solid colours, patterns, animation and fading.
  • Supports the import of bitmap image files for unlimited control of lighting.
  • Preview the light show on screen or live on the actual lighting fixtures
  • Supports recording live light shows from other lighting software
  • Note: For use with Touch Score with optional lighting controllers which can then control any DMX512 compatible lighting fixtures on the lane.

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